How to file online complaints against Taco Bell? [To Resolve it Faster]

Taco Bell is one of the most popular and fastest-growing fast-food chains in the world. And because of this large operation’s management, they may make some mistakes at some point. Here in this article, we’ll share various ways of filing complaints against Taco Bell and its services.

As some people think, filing a complaint is not about opposing the company and its management; actually, it’s all about letting them know their weak points and helping them become better at service by solving those problems. Both the company and the customer will benefit from this.

Fast food restaurant Taco Bell is well-known for its Tex-Mex menu, which takes inspiration from Mexican cuisine. Since its start in 1962, when Glen Bell was in charge, the company has grown to have more than 7,000 locations around the world.

Taco Bell’s food quality is usually reported as a source of consumer dissatisfaction. Some diners also have issues with the quality and freshness of the products utilized in the dishes. Others have complained of overcharging, extended waiting periods, and unhelpful staff.

In many cases, you may not be familiar with the procedure for filing a complaint, you may not know what to say, or you may not be able to follow up on your complaint if you attempt to resolve it on your own.

But we at are ready to help you with filing a complaint about the company in such a manner that the company will listen and solve the problem you noted as soon as possible. Here are some very simple and practical ways to file an effective complaint about Taco Bell and their operations.

How to contact and file an effective complaint about Taco Bell?

How to contact and file complaint about Taco Bell

There are multiple channels available to lodge a complaint about Taco Bell, its service, and its management. The company’s website, the company’s phone line, or the company’s email address are all acceptable channels for customer complaints. We can also post on one of Taco Bell’s social media handles or write a complaint letter to the company’s headquarters.

1. Official Website (

If you have a complaint about Taco Bell and would like to submit it online, you can do so by visiting and submitting an online form. To file a complaint with Taco Bell, customers must send in their contact information and some basic information about their order or complaint.

Taco Bell’s email, mailing address, and phone number for the head office are all listed on the site as well.

Learn how to use TellTheBell to file a complaint against Taco Bell by clicking here

2. Send mail to Taco Bell Customer Support.

The company’s preferred method of communication is email, so customers can send complaints to Taco Bell via that channel. You can send an email to Taco Bell’s customer care department at [email protected].

3. Call on Customer Care Number

The customer can also file their complaint via phone. For this, you need to call +1 (800) 822-6235, which is the official customer care number of Taco Bell.

4. Send a letter to headquarters.

Customers of Taco Bell who would like to file a complaint with the company’s corporate office can do so by sending a letter or postcard to the following address: One Glen Bell Way, Irvine, California 92614. These letters should be sent to Taco Bell’s headquarters.

5. Post on social media by tagging the company’s social media handles.

Social media is one of the best ways to file or report any issue to a company. Nowadays, most companies try to maintain their good image on social media. And that’s why, when you share any issue or complaint over social media by tagging a company’s official social media handles, they quickly reply and try to resolve your concern ASAP.

If you don’t know about the official social media profiles of Taco Bell, here below we’ve listed all the official social media handles of Taco Bell:

6. Take part in the TellTheBell survey.

To hear such honest feedback, complaints, and issues from customers, Taco Bell created a survey called the TellTheBell customer feedback survey. You can share your honest feedback about the company, its service, and any other factors that may affect the customer’s experience with the company in this survey.

And you know what’s the good part of this survey? In exchange for providing feedback, you will receive a coupon for FREE tacos as well as a chance to win a $500 reward prize from Taco Bell.

If you don’t know how to participate in this survey, then we already published an article on how to participate in the TellTheBell survey along with its rules, requirements, and other information.

Official Contact Details of Taco Bell

These are all the ways in which you can contact company officials and report a problem or file a complaint. To summarize all the information and contact details in an easy way, we have put all the important contact information in a simple table format so you can contact the company easily.

Customer Service Number+1(800) 822-6235
Official Email ID[email protected]
Physical Mailing AddressTaco Bell Corporation, 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, California 92618, United States
Official Social Media ProfilesFacebook:
Taco Bell Official Contact Details

When and where can I complain about Taco Bell without contacting the company?

How to file complaint about Taco Bell without contacting company

Let’s say you’ve already reached out to Taco Bell about a problem you’re having, but you’re not happy with their response or you’d rather not lodge a complaint with them online for any reason. In those cases, you can try getting in touch with one of the following organizations instead:

  1. FTC: Federal Trade Commission
    • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a government agency in the United States that looks into complaints from customers and takes legal action against businesses that do things that are unethical or illegal.
  2. Better Business Bureau
    • The Better Business Bureau is an organization that acts as a mediator between customers who have concerns regarding a company’s goods or services; however, they are unable to pursue legal action. Should you choose to lodge a complaint with them, they will communicate with Taco Bell on your behalf in order to find a solution to the problem and take care of it for you.
  3. State Attorney General’s Office
    • Since the Office of the State Attorney General deals with state-specific regulations and procedures, this could be the appropriate place for you to register a complaint if you have a problem with the Taco Bell near you.
    • You can find your State Attorney General’s Office here.
  4. American Medical Association
    • At long last, the American Medical Association has decided to start taking complaints from medical professionals about Taco Bell.


This is all about different ways of filing a complaint against Taco Bell, either with the help of the company or with the help of legal departments within the US Government. I hope you found a proper solution and method to file your complaint with Taco Bell and that you get resolution for your complaint soon.

If you are still having issues or have not found any resolution, please do contact us so we can try to find some more ways to solve your problem. Also, please share your thoughts on this article in the comments section below. And yes, please share any other method to file a complaint against a company if I forgot to add it in this article.

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